Work loss days and MRADs

I wanted to know if anyone could provide me with some understanding of how to evaluated the point estimate values for work loss days/MRADs. I am trying to evaluate how the change in PM2.5 level concentration can impact individuals respiratory/cardiovascular health due to wildfires. When I ran BenMAP I got very large values for both work loss days/MRADs and I assume those numbers are based upon the population applied to health impact function. I wanted to know if those values are in units of days and how can I calculate the average annual rate of work loss days per individual based upon my results. Thank you for your help in advance.


Hi Emily,

Appendix D of the user manual provides some information on WLD and MRAD incidence data. Assuming that your health impact function is correctly formatted, the resulting estimate is an annual value aggregated across the population of interest. You can divide this value by the population column to generate a per-person value.