Why does my "Source of Air quality data" marker turn red after creating an AQ grid with monitor rollback?


Im trying to use monitoring data in order to show an incremental rollback. I imported the monitoring data with a similar format and method to the mexico city data (from the training exercise) with the exception of making the increment much smaller, to reflect the data that i am using. After implementing the monitoring rollback i get a red light on the “source of air quality data” marker, a green light on control and a yellow light on the baseline data.

Here is a picture of my data.

Here is also a picture of my data format

Hello Irina,

Thank you for your interest in using BenMAP-CE for your work and for sharing your problem on the user forum! I’m sorry you’re having trouble, but before we move forward, were you able to successfully complete the Mexico City training exercise? Also, I see you’re rolling back from the “library”. Rather than load the data into the library, could you try loading your data directly into your BenMAP run to make sure it isn’t an issue with how BenMAP is accessing your library? Please let me know if you need any clarification and please keep me and the forum updated if you proceed successfully.

Thank you



Yes i was able to finish the training exercise. I tried loading the data directly into BENMAP as you suggested and it had the same error, and the lights are the same colors.

Irina Arias

I dont know if this additional information helps, but when i try and load my air quality baseline and control grid (as a csv) i get an error stating “error reading file”


It has been a while since my last update but I just want to say that my problem was solved. Turns out it was an issue with how BENMAP was showing data on the GIS part of the program when it first received data. In order to fix the problem I right clicked on the table of contents (around the value called “baseline” on the table of contents) and then selected properties. From there I selected the bullet point “unique values” and clicked apply. The graph then changed to represent the different concentrations spatially throughout the area. After i got the color scale that I liked i clicked ok.

Also the way i was importing data was through the “text” option, not library option (i didnt preload this into BENMAP)