What does column and row mean?

Dear BenMap users,
I am a new learner of BenMap software. I have some question about benmap data format.

  1. what does column and row mean? How can I define column and for my study area?
  2. In population dataset, what’s the relationship between column-row and age range? How can create a population dataset for my study area?
  3. In case of incidence dataset, how the age range or age data is related to the column and row? How can I create this?
  4. In case of pollutant dataset, How can define the monitor name and monitor description? Is there any relation between monitor name- monitor description and column-row?
    As a new learner I put a lof of qeustion. Please, give me the answer.


Hi Junayed,

These questions can be answered by consulting two resources: (1) the user manual, found here; (2) input file specifications, found here. After consulting these resources, please let us know if you have further questions.

Hi Neal,
Thanks a lot. I have understood those things above. But I have another question. If I have the incidence data for my whole study area, not for each grid level. Can I be able to calculate the health impact at grid level ? For example, say, my study area is whole USA. And the incidence data I have for the whole USA ( Border level). Say, the States are my different grid. But my incidence data is not for the grid level. Is it possible to calculate health impact for Detroit using the national level incidence data?