Units for incidence input

What are the units for incidence that BenMap expects in the incidence input file? My local data is cases per 100,000 people per year, but this fails validation. BenMap seems to want a number between zero and one.
Is the incidence cases per person, or cases per 100 people?
Ben Ewald

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Hi Ben,

You’ll need to express your baseline incidence as a rate per person per day for short-term functions and as a rate per person per year for long-term functions (e.g. long-term PM-related mortality).

Hope this helps!


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Hi Neal,

Thanks for this clarification. However, I wanna ask a question. It’s because short-term functions is applied in my research (CRF is in a same day, and my air quality delta is daily, and in one month only), so my baseline incidence rate should be as rate per person per day.

I found the baseline incidence rate in GBD result tools. However, it is a rate per person per year. So, in my case, I have to divide rate per year by 366 days (year 2012)?

Am I correct? Is it reasonable to do it?

When I do like that, the incidence rates become too small, and my final result for avoidable respiratory mortality is around 83 cases for the whole Thailand, instead of 47,xxx cases that I applied rate per year.

Is “83 cases” possible?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon,

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Hello Thao,

Your adjustment to the baseline incidence rate appears correct to me. The small number of cases you report is likely a function of using daily data with only one month’s worth of AQ observations. Your estimate would represent only cases avoided in the single month for which you have data. To get an annual estimate you would need to input 366 daily concentration estimates into BenMAP for 2012 for both the baseline and control scenarios. So you could either either obtain more AQ data from 2012 (which is preferred) or if that is not possible, you could assume the concentrations for all the remaining days are at the mean concentration from the data you have in the two scenarios. That’s a strong assumption but would allow you to generate a rough annual estimate.


Hi Henry,

Thanks for your quick response. It helps me a lot. I’m very clear now.