Trouble loading monitor dataset. New to benMap


I am trying to input monitoring data from 25 monitoring stations in NC and keep getting a similar error. I averaged the PM2.5 values for each monitoring station because they each had a different amount of values recorded. I believed that I had input the values correctly but it continuously repeats the error.

Hello Jenna,
What is the error message that you are getting?

I am getting an error message that says “Please check the column header and file. The columns could be incorrect or the incorrect file was selected” “Error, column8, is not a valid column name for dataset Monitor”. I edited the CVS to have 1 PM2.5 value per monitor and I planned on interpolating the surface from there.

Hello Jenna,
Can you try downloading the file again?
but this time do not open it ahead of time, and try to load it into BenMAP.
You may also want to consult the BenMAP-CE input file specifications workbook, which you can find here
PS: if not able to open, please save it, and then open.

Hi Jucilene,
The file is an edited EPA file of PM2.5 in NC. I averaged all the PM values for each monitor so that there is only one value for each monitor. I believe that there might be a glitch because of the gridded nature of the software. I used an NC county shapefile and benMap added column and row grid numbers. I understand that the baseline and control also need these grid locations but I only have latitude and longitude. How do I turn my data into a grid?

Hello Jenna,
To start adding or modifying grid definitions, click Modify Datasets on the menu bar. Click on the Manage button below the Grid Definitions box. The Manage Grid Definitions window will appear.Click on the Add button to display the Grid Definition window. Provide a name for the Grid Definition in the Grid ID field and specify the Grid Type: Shapefile Grid or Regular Grid.
Page 4-4 of the User’s manual is a good source for you, and you will be able to follow the instructions there to do your run. Here is the link to the manual:

Hi Jenna,

It also appears that you are missing data in the “SeasonalMetric” column. Try adding “QuarterlyMean” into those cells and see if that helps.