This APV pools studies not found in the CFGRX error


At the step of pooling method, I selected the studies and pooling method. After I clicked the next, I got an error message: “This APV pools studies not found in the CFGRX. BenMAP may not produce correctly pooled results”. I clicked “Next”, It asked me to set up all pooling windows first, but I don’t see anything else I can set.

Can anyone help? Suggestions would be highly appreciated!


Hello Yuan,

BenMAP-CE will show this warning when the studies in the configuration results (cfrgrx) file do not match the studies in the aggregating, pooling and valuing (apvx) file. In your case, the apvx file is configured to pool studies that you did not run in the configuration stage (step 2 of a BenMAP analysis). You can either: (1) re-run the configuration stage with these studies included; or (2) construct new pooling windows for your results.

I hope this helps!


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Sorry for the delay in replying, but yes I think I can help you.

First, have you resolved your previous issue with the air quality delta being zero? Are your base and controls now different?

As for the error above, I tried recreating your error but I was able to continue after hitting “Next”. Perhaps there was an error when you ran the health impact functions in the previous step - the box “Check HIF Changes” is highlighted. Please click on that box and let me know if that helps you identify what went wrong.

Thank you.

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