The Units of Heath impact results

Hi All,

I’m reading the manual of BenMap and I am looking for the explanation of health impacts results. I would like to know what’s the unit of each variable. For example, Mortality, lung cancer. What’s the unit of it? the number of people dead per year in each pixel?

Or work loss days? the unit of it is the number of work loss days per year in each pixel?

Could you anyone let me know where I could find the related information? Really appreciate your help in advance.


In general, BenMAP-CE reports counts of adverse health outcomes. In the example you provide above, the result is interpreted as:

“The number of individuals dying prematurely from air pollution-attributable lung cancer in year x in location y” where “x” is the year of your analysis and “y” is the region in which you’ve performed your analysis. BenMAP-CE sums the number of events over the course of the year (in the case of annual pollutants, like PM2.5) or over the course of a season (in the case of seasonal pollutants, like ozone).

Thank you so much for your kind help.

I have a similar question about incidence. What are the units? My local data is presented as cases per 100,000 per year, but BenMap gives an error message that my incidence is out of range. Is the value per 1000, or per person?