The Point Mode and Monte Carlo

Dear BenMAP users,
The Monte Carlo option was selected for the health impact estimation, but the result was only one value, all the percentile results were the same. Can you help me to point out what wrong with my operation?
The results are as follows

Could you provide more context to your question, such as the inputs and BenMAP selections made before receiving these results?

Hi echan,

Thank you for your reply. My inputs and BenMAP selections are as follows
This is the health impact functions

This is the pollutant

This is the Model data

This is the choose to Run in Monte Carlo


Hi echan,
I used another set of health impacts functions, and the results were correct. I think it might be a problem with the previous function.

This is the new results.

I’m glad to hear you may have figured out the cause of the problem.

What were the functions that did not work, and were they pre-loaded or did you add them manually?

I added a variable in the health impact functions: P1Beta