Source of Air Quality Data Question

When adding in my own baseline and control monitoring data from a text file, the preview of the map shows up fine with all the correct monitors, but then does not show up on the actual large map. Also, either the baseline or the control stoplight will be yellow, and the source of air quality data stoplight will be red. How do I fix this?

Hi Hannah, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your air quality grid files. Unfortunately, the monitor locations will not show up on the large interpolated map automatically; you would need to input them in as a shape file. But it sounds like are you not able to get any of your data to interpolate, is that correct? More than likely, the format of the monitoring data is the problem, especially since the file can read the lat/long coordinates fine, it just can’t seem to plot the data. Please take a look at the manual once more to make sure the columns are filled out properly. If you’re still running into a dead end, please screenshot your data and include the headings and the first few lines of data. Someone on this forum should be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck! Ali

I fixed the problem! But I have a new question, I got end result incidence rates from BenMAP. How do I read these rates? For example, does 0.02 mean 2% of that location’s population? Or does it mean .02 of a person is affected?

Hannah, Glad you’ve moved forward! That number refers to a fraction of a total death… When we do national analyses and include a large population, we end up seeing actual avoided deaths (>1) based on the health impact function being used. In your case, you might want to report your results “per 10,000”. I hope this helps! Best, Ali