Race/Ethnicity-Specificity in Pooled Data

Hello! I am running an analysis to look at pooled incidence results for race/ethnicity-specific populations. Although my population file is specific to race and ethnicity, it looks to me like I will have to select each health endpoint in the “Health Impact Functions” module ten different times, specifying each race and ethnicity (and gender!) in the drop down selections in order to retain the race/ethnicity separation all the way through to the pooled incidence results. My questions are:

  1. Is there any way around the repeated drop down selection in the “Health Impact Functions” module (ten race/ethnicity combinations x 51 health impact functions does not sound very efficient)? Will I have to do the same in the “Pooling Method” module?
  2. If the answer to 1 is “no”, would batch running in the command line be an option? Does the suggested command line code include options for specifying race/ethnicity based on an existing population input?
  3. I ran a test model just for a single race/ethnicity combination, and the “Pooling Method” window retained the race and ethnicity I specified in the “Health Impact Functions” module, but the “Pooled Incidence Results” lists race and ethnicity as blank. Does this mean that I will have to run each race/ethnicity combination as separate models, since the “Pooled Incidence Results” would not retain race/ethnicity specificity?

I appreciate your help.

Hi Kate,
Thank you for your message. We can provide Health Impact Functions separated by race and ethnicity in a .csv file that you can load into BenMAP to avoid having to repeatedly use the drop down menu. Before we create this file for you, could you please clarify the following:

  1. What version of BenMAP are you using? (accessed via the “Help” menu --> “About”)
  2. Which set of Health Impact Functions are you using? (e.g., “EPA Standard Health Functions (2021)”)
  3. Are you using all of the Health Impact Functions in the set? Or are you including only certain endpoints/endpoint groups?

Thank you!

Thank you, Henry. Because my project was time-sensitive, I developed separate population files for each race/ethnicity and ran all models separately in the command line to avoid dealing with the repeated HIFs prior to receiving your feedback.