Process to create Health Incidence rates in outcomes/person/day for a subset of US domain

Is there any prescribed methodology for creating incidence rates (outcomes/person/day) from the available US incidence rate data for a smaller domain inside US.
For instance, if one wants respiratory mortality outcomes/person/day from D8HourMAx Ozone for a finer resolution grid over a regional sub-domain in US , can it be derived from the default respiratory mortality outcomes/person/day of 12km x 12 km US clipped domain (if that’s how it should be done?) , or is there any different way. I am trying to take a leaf out of how the Detroit case was modeled.

Hi Quazi - thanks for your question. The BenMAP user manual has two sections to help walk you through creating incidence rates. The manual can be found here: BenMAP Manual

Section 4.1.4 Incidence and Prevalence Rates Data starting on page 4-28 and Appendix D Health Incidence & Prevalence Data in U.S. Setup should both help with what you are looking for.

Ok let me rephrase my question, the default incidence rates used for 12 km x 12 km CONUS domain (395 x 242) are in incidences/per 100 persons/yr.
I want to use incidences/person/day, as i am evaluating for short-term impact of Ozone. Also, my grid is 4 km x 4km (281x 299) , so is there a way i can extract the default 12 km domain US csv file for incidence rates and regrid it to my 4 km x 4km (281x 299) domain? Is the default 12 km CONUS domain incidence rate inputs available anywhere?
For instance, default incidence rate for US would be like:
…Col Row …Value
…1 1 …(per 100 person per yr)

…1 299 (per hundred person per yr)

I want to create similar file but for my grid definition and with Values in INCIDENCES/per person per day