Problem Validating Data Import


I am attempting to import data however when I do the following errors occur which appear to be linked…

  1. is not a valid column name for dataset Monitor
    • for this i have simply used ‘Monitor Name’ as illustrated in the manual
  2. column is missing for dataset monitor
  • as far as I am aware the dataset monitor column is the first column (as illustrated in the manual) and I have input it as such.

Any help in where I might be going wrong would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks


Hi Stu,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve encountered this issue. Can you paste a screenshot of the first few rows of your monitor data, including the headers?

Thanks for the reply! Here you are…


I also tried inputing as a text file for the baseline and the control. The system let this run and the delta looks correct. However when I go to input the health functions many of them are missing (especially mortality) and the rest I am unable to select.
Any insight into this would be great too!


Hi Neal

Just wondering if you had any thoughts on this BenMAP issue?


Stu–so sorry. I’ve been traveling and off of the user forum! Can you e-mail me your input file? I can be reached at fann DOT neal AT EPA DOT Gov.