Prepare model input data

Dear BenMAP users,
I’m creating a air modeling data file for BenMAP following the format in the user manual. When I import to BenMAP, the spatial distribution look difference with what it should be. I checked with column and row numbers, they are consistent with my grid that I defined. Can you help me to point out what wrong with my data?
The model data table is

The spatial distribution in ArGIS

But the GIS map in BenMAP shows like this:

Hello, and thank you for your interest in BenMAP-CE.

You are correct that your air quality input file does not appear to be plotted correctly in BenMAP-CE. I’d be happy to try and help you resolve this problem. Before suggesting a solution, can you answer the following questions?

  1. Are importing annual mean PM2.5 concentrations?
  2. What grid are you using? Is this a built-in grid or one that you’ve imported?

Neal Fann

Dear Neal,
Thank you very much for concerning my problem.
1, Yes, I using annual mean PM2.5
2. I imported a 2-km grid for my domain. The column and row number are consistent with those in air quality file.
So far, I partly resolve the problem, but I don’t really understand why. The imported air quality file need to fill “QuarterlyMean” in Seasonal Metric instead of keep blank as I did before. This is consistent with metrics of EPA health Impact functions that I used in this study. And I got the reasonable spatial distribution of baseline PM2.5 in the domain. The imported file of PM2.5, and spatial distribution shown like this:

However, for PM10, even I fill “QuarterlyMean” or keep Blank in Seasonal Metric, the baseline map is still incorrectly plotted. For PM10, I used Wong et al. 2008 RR to import manually into health impact functions, and keep blank in seasonal metric. But the imported baseline PM10 is still incorrect like that.

Can you give me some ideas what happen with my data? Why when I only fill in Seasonal Metric column of baseline PM2.5 file, its plot become correct, but it didn’t happen same thing with PM10?

Thanks and best regards,
Ha Chi

Hi Ha Chi,

Thank you for sending that screen capture. Yes, you do need to enter a value of “QuarterlyMean” in the Seasonal Metric field. This tells BenMAP that you have entered annual mean PM concentrations.

Can you tell me more about your PM10 analysis? For example, have you created a new PM10 pollutant definition?