Population, pollution data and grid problem


  1. How did you get the population data ( 10*10 ) of Taiwan?
  2. If the air pollution map is more detailed (3 * 3), but the population of the data is relatively rough (10 * 10) will have an impact?

Hello Howard,

Thanks for your questions. Responses as follows:

  1. Further information regarding the input data for the GBD rollback tool, including the population input files for each country, can be found in the BenMAP-CE user manual. Please see page 9-13.
  2. The program calculates health impacts at the scale of the air quality input file. If the air quality input file is more resolved than the population file, then the program will assign the population data to the air quality grid using a simple area-weighting algorithm. Appendix B of the BenMAP-CE user manual provides more details.