Population dataset formation for Benmap CE

Hi everyone,
I can’t understand why should I classify the dataset by different age groups? How BenMap uses these age groups in calculation? If I have a age group classified population dataset and another dataset which is not classified by age group, what will be the difference between the results of these two datasets? Please, anyone explain me when I need to classify the population data into different age group and when I don’t need to do this. And how the classified age group works?

Hi Junayed,

The program will calculate impacts for each age strata. As an example: let’s say I imported population using a single strata of 0-99. The program will calculate results for this age range. This means that I cannot (reliably) estimate results for, say, children. However, if I import populations ages 0-17, 18-64 and 65-99, I can more reliably estimate results among these population age groups.

Additional information regarding population parameters can be found in the user manual.

Hi Neal,
I am very happy that you replied to me. Thanks a lot. I have understood the matter.