Popgrid, to use _popwgt or not or when to use it?


Regarding PopGrid, i got three output files for my custom domain (Colorado 4km x 4km).
The *.cds file is a binary xml filecreated in the the first step of PopGrid’s operation.
I think i need to keep this file, but NOT to import when i am LOADING THE POPULATION INCIDENCE for colorado.
The two other files wil be loaded into BenMAP right?:
Result Population File entered on the first tab and the Result Population File with a _popwgt suffix.
These files are loaded into BenMAP on the Modify Setup window, if i am right?
I noticed in detroit setting that no such _popwgt (population growth weight file was used, why so?)

(Neal) #2

Hi Quazi,

You do not need to import the *.cds file, that’s correct. You need to import the resulting population file, but do not need to import the popwgt file.