Odd Error message or Null data when attempting to run a health impact equation


when i try to run my health impact equation i get an error that looks like this (see image attached). Is there anything im doing wrong in my population setup that may lead to this occuring? I dont really know how to interpret this error message. It is also worth noting that some health impact equations dont have this error.

For other cases where the data works, the health impact values only returned as zero (see image)

Hi Nina,
Thanks for sharing your issue with us on the forum. From your second screenshot, your population and your air quality delta look in order, if anything, it seems that your baseline health data is the issue. The column is all zero, so somewhere there is a disconnect with the health impact function and the baseline health data, in this case, hospital admissions. And if the data file you loaded looks is in order, perhaps the grid that you have the hospital admissions data is in isn’t talking (crosswalking) with the population and air quality grid. I hope that helps you diagnose your issue. Please let us know if you still need help.