Mortality Point Estimate, Baseline, etc. Values are all zero?

Hello, I am a very, very new user. I’m using BenMAP for my senior practicum class, but I’ve never used anything like it before. Please help me out!

The only thing I modified in the setup was adding a new grid definition. I’m intending to use the population data, incidence data, HIFs, pollutants, etc. that BenMAP has pre-loaded on the software. I crosswalked my grid definition when adding it. The air quality grids and the delta of the baseline - control was created:

The population dataset I chose was the 2012 U.S. Census - County. For the HIFs, I chose the Mortality, All Cause by Krewski from the EPA Standard Health Functions dataset. Under the Incidence Dataset variable, it said “Mortality Incidence.” I then ran the configuration results file, but variables such as Point Estimate, Baseline, and Mean had values of zero! Please help me figure out how to solve this issue!

Also, what exactly does “point estimate” and “baseline” mean? If they’re decimal values, how do I interpret that?

It sounds like this should work! If you run the same analysis with one of the pre-loaded grid definitions in BenMAP, do you have the same issue?