Mortality estimates of zero

I am working with a couple different sets of “model” data (monitor data that has been spatially interpolated in ArcMap). I do not have any issues loading the air quality fields into BenMAP but when I estimate health impacts, each mortality function estimates exactly zero (0.0000) incidences. All of the functions for other endpoints give me non-zero estimates, and I have used the same original monitor data in BenMAP (as monitor data, not model data) and have gotten non-zero mortality estimates.

I’ve come across this issue with both the previous and current version of the program.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Hi Megan,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue.

Take a look at this post from back in April: Odd Error message or Null data when attempting to run a health impact equation

Let me know if this proves helpful.

Hi Neal,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and linking to that post. It was useful but I’m seeing something slightly different and have included a screenshot of a simplified subset of my results. Looking at the output for the mortality functions, I have a delta of zero as well as a baseline incidence of zero. But when I examine the ER visits for the same data/analysis, the baseline incidence and delta values are populated. I am using the incidence rate files and HI functions included with the program.

I re-uploaded my grid in an attempt to redo the crosswalks with the mortality dataset, but I still have a zero incidence rate. What else can I do to fix this?
What is more confusing to me is why the program is not using the air quality delta for the mortality functions. The input is a year’s worth of 24 hr PM2.5 averages, and it’s clearly calculating a delta that’s usable with the short term morbidity functions. It does not seem to be calculating/populating a Quarterly Mean, however.

Megan, Whenever I’ve seen zero in the “baseline” column, the issue is usually that the incidence dataset isn’t crosswalked properly - HOWEVER in this case, you also have the DELTA as zero for mortality. I think something is up with air quality data file - my guess is that you need to add “QuarterlyMean” under the “Seasonal Metric” column. Let us know if that resolves the issue (or brings up another error)… Best, Ali

Hi Ali,

I’ve tried a few different ways of formatting my data and including the “QuarterlyMean” label to see how the program would handle it, and none have worked. Even when I upload a file with four, non-zero quarterly mean values, the program still populates the quarterly mean value as zero. It continues to provide the range of D24HourMean values, though.