Monitoring AQ data upload error



I’m trying to do an evaluation of impacts in a single state using PM2.5 monitor data from 2015 and 2016 (12 monitors total). When I upload the first file to the Baseline position, I get a green light and everything seems to be fine. When I upload the second file to the Control position the Control light turns green, the Baseline light turns yellow, and the overall “Source of Air Quality Data” light turns red. I’ve checked the formatting of these data files multiple times (I get no errors or warnings when they upload), I’ve tried using the other grid types in the setup, and I’ve tried changing the interpolation methods all to no avail.

What could be causing this error? While the stoplight system is useful to alert me that something is wrong, I cannot figure out what the problem actually is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Neal) #2

Hello Megan,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re encountering these issues. If you have a chance, can you:

  1. Tell me a little more about the format of monitoring data you are trying to load into the program? For example, are you supplying the program with a .csv file, or a .xlsx file?
  2. Are the monitoring data already expressed as daily 24hr mean values?
  3. Did you validate the input data when you loaded it?



Hi Neal,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

  1. I’ve got the data in .csv file format.
  2. The data are 24hr daily mean values. I’m using monitor data from the EPA monitors (
  3. Yes, I validated the data when I loaded it into the setup. I didn’t get any issues or warnings.


(Neal) #4

Hi Megan,

Thanks for sharing those details, that’s quite helpful.

When you downloaded the air quality data from the website linked above, did you confirm that the input file conformed to the input file specifications found here? Another way to confirm that your input file is correctly formatted is to export one of the built-in monitor datasets by:

  • Opening BenMAP-CE
  • Navigating to “tools”
  • Selecting “database export”
  • Changing the radio toggle from “BenMAP-CE database” to “Other File Format”
  • Selecting “Monitor Datasets”



Hi Neal,

I formatted the input files based on Section, Table 4-6.a, and 4-6.b of the BenMAP-CE User’s Manual version 1.3. The specs you linked seem to be dated 2014 while the manual is April 2017. If the files weren’t formatted correctly, wouldn’t I get a warning when I validated the file after adding it to the setup?


(Neal) #6

Hi Megan,

Ok, it sounds like you’re doing everything correctly. Would you be willing to e-mail me the data?



Hi Neal,

They have just been sent. Thank you for your help!



I just wanted to give an update on this topic. I have been able to resolve this issue by uploading the monitor data .csv through the “Text File” option, rather than importing it into the BenMAP Monitor Datasets (i.e. the “Library” option). I’m using the exact same files I had imported into the dataset library but, for some reason, this method works.

Thanks for all of your help!