Monitor datasets

Hi, recently I have problems with monitors dataset; when I upload my dataset after validated it, all is good, but when I return to manage monitor datasets, the program doesn’t recognize my datas. I use de last version.

Can you provide more details about the problem you’re having? Screenshots might also be helpful to help figure out what’s going on.

thank you for answer. This is my problem, when i upload my datas (1) and validate it(2) then save it (3) finally does not save any data (4), help me please.

Hmmmm… I can’t replicate your error on my end. Can you first try to make sure your lat / long in your file are saved as number fields – looks like Excel is showing an error for those cells. If that doesn’t work, can you upload your monitor file so i can try to replicate your error?


Thanks for answer. I tried changing the fields as number, as text, as general, but in any character the monitor dataset does not recognize my data after validation. In the next link I upload my monitor file.

Thanks for sharing your monitor data. I couldn’t get this to work as you sent it, but I also wasn’t able to validate it because the lat / long wasn’t in range. However, I converted lat / long to numbers, and divided lat / long by 1,000,000 (eg, 16.501261 versus 16,501261 (decimal point instead of comma)) and was able to get this to upload correctly. Let me know if you can get this to work after taking these steps.