Is there any limit to the amount of information?


Would like to ask a question
About monitor datasets whether the number of data limit?
Since my grid has about 18,000 points, the computer crashes when data is entered
Is there any other solution?

(Neal) #2

Hi Howard,

I’m sorry to hear that BenMAP-CE has been unable to accept your input data. We commonly use air quality grids that specify tens of thousands of polygons, so I believe it should import your data as well.

You said that the program crashes. Does a window appear reporting an error message, or does the program become unresponsive? If the latter, then try giving BenMAP-CE a few minutes to process the data. You can confirm that the program is still running by right-clicking on the menu bar and launching the task manager. Confirm that the program is still assigning CPU cycles and using memory; this will indicate whether BenMAP-CE is still processing your data.



There was not any error or warning during my typing, so I thought I should wait for a while to import the data.

Howard Lan