Interpretation of pooled incidence and valuation results

I have loaded all data in my new dataset, I created Air Quality Surfaces with baseline and control baseline, I loaded also the Health Impact Functions, but now I’m stuck because I don’t understand how to interpretate the meaning of pooled incidence and valuation results. Is it possible to have a brief explanation of how to use results?

Thanks in advance

Hello Elenora,

Thank you for posting your question. I am sorry you don’t feel like you have a good understanding of what BenMAP-CE has provided you with in your output.

For pooled incidence, we are trying to take into account multiple studies that used the same health outcome. Therefore, the Point Estimate is the median avoided outcome as a result the air quality control strategy, so you may see something like 240 pooled avoided hospital admissions.

We next assign a value to that avoided outcome. In the US, we have attributed these incidence to a dollar value, so an Emergency Room Visit for Asthma may be $500 whereas a Cardiovascular Hospital Admission may be $15,000, so the valuation simply multiplies that dollar estimate with the avoided outcome.

With that said, EPA does not pool mortality in any of our analysis. Instead, we show a range of the results from various studies. And when we place a dollar value on an avoided death, we rely on the Value of Statistical Life, or VSL.

Other international users may have suggestions on how they calculated the VSL in their countries, but you can either do a currency conversion from US dollars (along with a few other factors) or look in the existing literature if there is a VSL available. If you choose to perform the conversion, let us know, we can provide some additional information on this forum.

Please let us know if you have any follow up questions.
Thank you!