Interpret the health impacts result

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I have one more question regarding the human health effects results. I’m trying to understand and interpret the health impacts result. I would like to make sure with the expert of Benmap that my understanding is correct. Please correct if I am wrong.

The air quality change is the pollutants concentration of baseline minus the one of control (baseline-control). So the health impacts result (say all-cause mortality) is also the impacts due to the differences in air pollution between baseline and control (baseline - control). So, if the air quality got improved in control, as a consequence the all-cause mortality decreased in control. The result of health impacts (incidence of all-cause mortality) will be positive values. Am I correct?

Take my data as an example, air quality got better (lower concentration of PM2.5) in control year and the work-lose days incidence increased (as pictures shown below). So I’m very confused how to interpret the result. Can I say work lose days decrease due to a improved air quality?

Let me know if there anything unclear.

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Hello Yuan,

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  1. You are correct. The program calculates an air quality change as Baseline - Control. Thus, positive air quality changes represent an improvement.
  2. Positive point estimate values represent cases avoided. Thus, a positive change in the number of work PM2.5-related work loss days means that these are cases avoided as a result of the improved air quality.

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Understood, Thanks a lot Neal!