Importing non-EPA standard health impact functions

I would like to use a set of functions that are not part of the set of EPA Standard Health Functions. Specifically, I want to use the functions from Winquist et al, 2012 that examined PM2.5 exposure and ED visits for asthma (all ages) as well as well as ozone exposure and hospital admissions and ED visits for asthma. Since these functions are not pre-loaded into BenMAP-CE, does that mean I need to add all the parameters for these functions manually in the “Health Impact Function Definition” window? Or, is there an easier way to import these functions into BenMAP-CE?

Hi David,

This is a great question. To import these risk coefficients to BenMAP-CE, you will need to:

  1. Calculate a beta parameter and standard error
  2. Specify a new health impact function by either: (a) adding the new function to the program using the function editor or (b) importing several functions in an import file.

This spreadsheet will calculate beta coefficients and format your health impact functions to be imported to BenMAP-CE.

Wonderful. Thanks, Neal!