Importing air quality data bug (Control)

Dear BenMAP users/developers,

I would like to report a bug in air quality data importing, just for the control case. When I try to import my hourly concentrations file into BenMAP (i.e. 8760 values as a comma-separated string), the validation data algorithm returns me the following error for each row:

“Missing values. Metric is a required field.”

However as I can understand from the user guide the “Metric” field should be blank if I am importing hourly data (i.e. observations rather than metrics). Moreover, this does not happen when I import the same file into the baseline section instead of the control section.
My workaround was to import the control file into the baseline section, and then load the .aqgx file into the control section. But I was just wondering whether that’s a known issue or maybe I am missing something.

Thank you in advance

Hi Paolo–I’m very sorry to hear that you encountered this issue. Can you confirm the version of BenMAP-CE that you are using?

You’re right, I forgot to indicate that in the previous post!

I am using the latest one, downloaded just a few days ago (BenMAP-Community Edition v1.4, July 2018)