I would like to ask questions about data entry and definition

I would like to ask two questions:
first question:
On the input monitor data,
What value should I enter if my latitude and longitude correspond to exactly the same observations as its stations broken or meaningless?
Should I enter -9.99 or do not enter any value?
second question:
The definition of the seasonal metric is to divide the daily data by the total number of days. Would like to ask how do I divide the time of the year?

Hello Howard,

  1. The program requires a valid lat/long to accept monitor data. If you do not have a valid lat/long for a given monitor, you will not be able to import it to the program.
  2. I am not sure I understand your second question. The program will calculate an average value for each season using whatever distribution of air quality monitoring or modeling data you provide it.

Best wishes,
Neal Fann

Hi Sir,

On the first question
Do you mean it?
Air quality monitoring stations are broken in a few days, then the monitoring value of these days do not need to enter the BENMAP.
Assuming there are two days of monitoring station failure during the year, then I only need to enter 363 data?
Or on the grid point of all the data do not need to enter it?

Howard Lan