How to interpret my health impact results?

Hello, this is some of my heath impact results. What do the variables mean and how do I interpet this? Thank you.

Hi Cmadden,
Here the point estimate represents the number of avoidable death cases.

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Hello Junayed1!

Thank you for your response! In my screenshot, I did not clarify the endpoint I used. The results above are for “Hospital Admissions, All Respiratory.” So the Point Estimate is the number of avoidable hospital admissions? Thank you!

Also, I’m actually getting values of 0 for point estimate, delta, baseline, and other fields when I try to run a Mortality endpoint configuration file. Would you happen to know why? Thanks!

Correct, the number of avoided hospital admissions, all respiratory.

So it sounds like the issue you’re having is in the Mortality HIF. Have you confirmed that the incidence dataset is correct (you often need to expand the view to see what year is selected) in the Health Impact Functions window. Let me know if this helps!

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Hello Lisa!

Thank you so much for getting back to me! Just to clarify, what should the incidence dataset year correspond to exactly? Would it be the year of the population dataset chosen? If so, I have confirmed that the incidence dataset year is the same as the population dataset year, and the results for the Mortality HIF remain the same. Please let me know of any other troubleshooting methods I can attempt!

Ideally the incidence dataset will match your analysis year (eg, 2030, 2050). You’ve been able to get other HIFs to run, correct? Have you tried another mortality HIF besides Krewski? Do you get the same results?

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Thank you for your response! I believe my group would like the analysis year to be this year actually. Thank you for the clarification regarding the incidence dataset year. And yes, I have been able to get a few other HIFs to run.

After making sure the incidence dataset year was 2020, I attempted to run other Mortality HIFs such as Laden et. al., Pope et. al., Woodruff et. al., as well as 2 from the Expert PM2.5 Functions. Result Fields such as Point Estimate, Delta, Baseline, and Mean were all still zero unfortunately. Is there anything else I can try to get the Mortality HIFs to run? Thank you!

Have you double checked all your input data?

–There could be a problem with the crosswalk between the air quality, population and incidence grids, since you’ve specified a new grid (you could also see if you get these same errors using a pre-defined grid)

–There could be an issue with the air quality input file, where the program is not correctly interpreting the air quality metric.

– you might also try to re-upload / inspect your mortality HIFs in case something has been corrupted there. Under Manage Datasets > Manage Health Impact Functions. Make sure the pollutant metrics & population match up, and there’s a beta and B1 parameter.

– Lastly, you might try uninstalling / reinstalling BenMAP to see if this solves your issue?

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Hello! Thank you very much for all of your suggestions and guidance with this issue. Your second comment solved my problem perfectly. For the air quality input files, I put “Quarterly Average” instead of “QuarterlyMean” for the Seasonal Metric column.

After fixing this, I received all non-zero values for all of the Results Fields! Thank you again for your assistance!