How to create Incidence rates for a custom domain inside US?

I was able to create the correct grid for my Colorado set up, i am following the Detroit exercise example and i am in United states setup:
My question is regarding , how do i create “Incidence rates” for my case as my simulation if for June 15 to September 15, 2011.
Are the incidence rates going to be same as that for United states setup?
For e.g.,Also i see that mortality incidence is say available for 2000 and 2014, which one is better suited for 2011?
can i use the one available for Detroit setup and what do i need to modify in that?
I already have MDA8 Ozone value averaged over 15 June-15 September 2011 for this grid in BenMAP AQ grid input format

Hi Quazi,

I’ll answer your questions in order:

  1. The baseline rate of death or disease should match the time scale of the epidemiological study you’re using to quantify risks. For example, if you are estimating short-term effects, then you will use a rate calculated per person per day. The program will then use this per-person per-day rate to calculate effects for each day defined in the pollutant definition. For example, by default, the ozone pollutant is defined as beginning on May 1 and ending Sep 30. Hence, the program will calculate impacts for each of the 152 days of this season.
  2. 2014 seems closer to 2011 than 2000.
  3. That’s up to you
  4. Ok.