How BenMAP software use incidence rate?

In my case, the incidence dataset which I used is from the BenMAP regional dataset. To run BenMAP, the mortality function which I used is Krewski (2009). Therefore, the age range for this function was only 30-99. For each age range (30-34, 35-39, etc), there is one incidence value. The health impact result comes out for the whole population between age 30 to 99 after running BenMAP. So, my question is which incidence rate BenMAP was used.

It would have applied the incidence rate for each endpoint that corresponded to the population dataset. Take a look at the csv file that you uploaded from the regional dataset, which might help explain. For example, 30-34 year olds have a different incidence for each mortality endpoint, and it also varies by male / female. I believe you’re looking at the aggregated incidence values for each age range, but BenMAP would have applied the incidence rate at the finest scale and then aggregated up.

Dear Ms. Lisa,
Thank you so much for your well explanation. It helped a lot to me.
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