Health impact functions- new endpoints

I am writing a health impact function based on Bowe 2018 Lancet Planet Health 2018;
2: e301–12 so the endpoint is incident diabetes. Diabetes is not on the list of endpoints, and there does not appear to a category for ''öther". Is there a way of adding to this list?
Ben Ewald

Hi Ben,

You will need to create a new endpoint. You can do this by creating health impact function input file and defining the new endpoint in the list of Endpoint and Endpoint groups. Once you import this input file, the program will write the endpoint names to the database and they will appear among the dropdown list found in the health impact function editor window.

I hope this helps!

Dear Neal_Fann,

I appreciate it if you can help me about this. I need health impact functions for ozone for china. Do you know how I can get this health impact function? For China, BenMAP only has preloaded health impact functions for PM2.5 and PM10.

Thanks in advance,

If the preloaded HIFs don’t work for your analysis, you can upload a new HIF into BenMAP based on any appropriate epidemiological study. Section 3.6 of the self-paced training materials go step by step through how to upload a new HIF into BenMAP.

See this thread for instructions on how to calculate beta parameters from an epi study.