Health Impact Function input questions



I have some concerns that I hope you could help me with.

My monitor data are daily values, 365 values (Metric, Seasonal Metric and Statistic I left blank). My incidence rates (for mortality and for hospital admissions) are annual.
I am wondering how I should implement Health Impact Function (HIF) and what BenMAP-CE will calculate. BenMAP-CE always returns the annual value, right? So, the point estimate is always the number of avoidable deaths / hospital admissions per year, never per day?

Assume that I input HIF based on the epidemiological study which was calculated using daily values of some pollutant and it is for hospital admissions. So, I input this to BenMAP choosing “Annual Statistic: None”? Also, since I have annual incidence rates, I should divide the function by 365? ((1-EXP(-BetaDELTAQ))IncidencePOPA, A=1/365). And as a result I will get the annual value? Is it the right way to input this?

What if the epidemiological study estimates the coefficient for exposure lagged a few days or uses an average of the 0-6 day lag for example. Would that change the way I input it to BenMAP-CE? Because looking at Appendices to BenMAP-CE, I think it is not taken into account (for example, Glad et al. (2012)), right?

Would you please help me to clarify these issues?


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Hello Natalia,

Thank you for posting your questions on the forum! Your assumptions are correct:

-BenMAP-CE returns the annual avoided mortality/morbidity per year
-Hospital admissions (and all morbidity functions) are entered into BenMAP-CE on a “per-day” basis
-You should add a term to your HIF that divides your annual incidence by 365

On you questions about lag, my first suggestion would be to pre-process your DELTAQ data to calculate the average 0-6 day lag before putting into BenMAP-CE. Perhaps there are others on the forum that have done a lag that could offer a better suggestion!



Thank you so much for your response and suggestion!