Health Impact Function input questions


I have some concerns that I hope you could help me with.

My monitor data are daily values, 365 values (Metric, Seasonal Metric and Statistic I left blank). My incidence rates (for mortality and for hospital admissions) are annual.
I am wondering how I should implement Health Impact Function (HIF) and what BenMAP-CE will calculate. BenMAP-CE always returns the annual value, right? So, the point estimate is always the number of avoidable deaths / hospital admissions per year, never per day?

Assume that I input HIF based on the epidemiological study which was calculated using daily values of some pollutant and it is for hospital admissions. So, I input this to BenMAP choosing “Annual Statistic: None”? Also, since I have annual incidence rates, I should divide the function by 365? ((1-EXP(-BetaDELTAQ))IncidencePOPA, A=1/365). And as a result I will get the annual value? Is it the right way to input this?

What if the epidemiological study estimates the coefficient for exposure lagged a few days or uses an average of the 0-6 day lag for example. Would that change the way I input it to BenMAP-CE? Because looking at Appendices to BenMAP-CE, I think it is not taken into account (for example, Glad et al. (2012)), right?

Would you please help me to clarify these issues?


Hello Natalia,

Thank you for posting your questions on the forum! Your assumptions are correct:

-BenMAP-CE returns the annual avoided mortality/morbidity per year
-Hospital admissions (and all morbidity functions) are entered into BenMAP-CE on a “per-day” basis
-You should add a term to your HIF that divides your annual incidence by 365

On you questions about lag, my first suggestion would be to pre-process your DELTAQ data to calculate the average 0-6 day lag before putting into BenMAP-CE. Perhaps there are others on the forum that have done a lag that could offer a better suggestion!


Thank you so much for your response and suggestion!