Crosswalk/population issue with user defined grid


I’m having an issue with the health impact estimates when using my own grid (uploaded as a shapefile). I don’t run into any errors through the program at any stage; however, when examining the population column of the health impact results data table I’ve noticed that the numbers are incorrect. For example, when I aggregate my health impact results to the county level, I’ve noticed that the population associated with Wake County in North Carolina is listed as 618,115 when it should actually be more like 900,993. I did a couple of quick calculations by hand for this county and it indeed seems that the health impact estimates in the data table were based on the incorrect population number – even though the underlying 2010 census dataset is correct. I do not have this issue when using a monitor-based method (e.g. closest monitor), so this seems to me it’s a crosswalk issue with my grid. Though, again, the program has not returned any errors to indicate that there is a problem.

I’ve tried a couple of the suggestions detailed in the forum including deleting and recreating the crosswalks, as well as repairing the geometry of my grid shapefile in ArcGIS and adding it back to the grid definitions. I still get the same incorrect county population numbers in the impacts data table.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any insight?