Converting CAMx output into BenMAP input

Hello Everyone,

I have ozone modeling data from CAMx and I was wondering if anyone have a suggestion for an easier way to convert CAMx output files into a format that BenMAP can read.

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Hi Rene,

Thanks for asking this question, as it is one that BenMAP-CE users often ask of us. I think that the approach you take for creating BenMAP-CE input files will depend in part on your starting point. Are you starting with a netCDF file? If so, you might want to try NASA’s free Panoply tool, available here. This program will allow you to selectively export data from a netCDF file as a csv file–allowing you to then create a BenMAP-CE input file.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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Neal Fann

Hi Neal,

Thanks for the help. I was working on a python script to convert my CAMx output into a csv file that BenMAP needs. It worked fine. I also will consider looking into Panoply tool since it looks like a very useful tool. One more question, since my Column/Row from CAMx are different from CMAQ Column/Row, will using CMAQ 36km, 12km grids affect my results? or the cross-reference option takes care of it?



I’m terribly sorry for the delay in responding. Apparently I need to reconfigure the notification settings…

When you run (or, rather ran) the program, it will have performed a cross-walk between your CAMx air quality grid and the population and baseline incidence grids.

Again, my apologies for the delay.


Hello everyone. I’m using the EPA code from the link ( ) to convert format of AQS monitor data to the format that BenMAP accepts. Now, I have a PM2.5 grid in csv which I have created by using satellite remote sensing and AI model. It’s a matrix with 1344 rows and 1422 columns that was saved in csv format. Can anyone please help me convert format of this grid to the format which BenMAP accepts it?

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