Can I use BenMAP to assess health effects by the current air quality?

Dear BenMAP community,

I am a new member in the forum, and learning how to use BenMAP.
I learnt that BenMAP is used for assessing health effects from changing of air quality, from baseline to a post-policy scenario. However, my research doesn’t focus on the scenario, I just try to simulate the current air quality in my city, and then assess how it effect on health.

So my question is: CAN I USE BENMAP FOR THIS PURPOSE? If yes, how I prepare the air quality input which is set with 2 sources of input, baseline and scenario data? If not, can you suggest any other models?

Thank you very much,
Ha Chi from Vietnam.

Hello Hai Chi,

It sounds as though you are interested in using BenMAP-CE to estimate the total burden to human health of current air pollution levels. Is that correct?

To perform this analysis, you will need to:

  1. Select a baseline air quality surface (modeled or monitored) that represents current/recent air pollution levels.
  2. Select a control air quality surface that sets these air quality levels to either: (a) non-anthropogenic air pollution levels; or (b) zero. Select (a) if you want to know the air pollution burden due to human-caused emissions. Select (b) if you want to know the air pollution burden associated with total air pollution (from both human and natural causes).

If you visit the "BenMap-CE Applications: Articles and Presentations) portion of the BenMAP-CE website, found here (, and select the link titled “Health burden of recent and/or future modeled air quality”, you will find a few examples of how other researchers have used BenMAP-CE to perform burden assessments.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your analysis!

Best wishes,
Neal Fann

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