Can I use BenMAP to assess health effects by the current air quality?


Dear BenMAP community,

I am a new member in the forum, and learning how to use BenMAP.
I learnt that BenMAP is used for assessing health effects from changing of air quality, from baseline to a post-policy scenario. However, my research doesn’t focus on the scenario, I just try to simulate the current air quality in my city, and then assess how it effect on health.

So my question is: CAN I USE BENMAP FOR THIS PURPOSE? If yes, how I prepare the air quality input which is set with 2 sources of input, baseline and scenario data? If not, can you suggest any other models?

Thank you very much,
Ha Chi from Vietnam.

(Neal) #2

Hello Hai Chi,

It sounds as though you are interested in using BenMAP-CE to estimate the total burden to human health of current air pollution levels. Is that correct?

To perform this analysis, you will need to:

  1. Select a baseline air quality surface (modeled or monitored) that represents current/recent air pollution levels.
  2. Select a control air quality surface that sets these air quality levels to either: (a) non-anthropogenic air pollution levels; or (b) zero. Select (a) if you want to know the air pollution burden due to human-caused emissions. Select (b) if you want to know the air pollution burden associated with total air pollution (from both human and natural causes).

If you visit the "BenMap-CE Applications: Articles and Presentations) portion of the BenMAP-CE website, found here (, and select the link titled “Health burden of recent and/or future modeled air quality”, you will find a few examples of how other researchers have used BenMAP-CE to perform burden assessments.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your analysis!

Best wishes,
Neal Fann