Better Air Quality Conference 2018 and BenMAP!

During the 2018 Better Air Quality (BAQ) Conference in Kuching, Sarawak, Mayalsia on November 12-16, 2018, we will be hosting a BenMAP users symposium and providing additional advanced training on specific BenMAP features. The advanced training will focus on teaching users how to use BenMAP command line, a functionality that can batch process complex analyses; how to use PopSim, a dynamic population simulator for air pollution benefits analysis; and how to apply region-specific health impact functions to specific areas using a new feature in BenMAP version 1.4.

We are very excited to engage new and current BenMAP users at the conference!

In order to plan the most beneficial and relevant BenMAP related events, we want to hear from YOU!

Please comment below if you are:

-Planning to attend BAQ?
-Have BenMAP experience?
-Are working on a project using BenMAP?
-Interested in attending a 1-day training introducing the basics of BenMAP?
-Interested in attending an advanced training session?

Thanks everyone!

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Very interesting news! In order to attend BenMAP training, do we need to register for BAQ conference?

Thank you

Thao Pham

Hi Thao,

Yes, you will need to register for the BAQ conference to attend the BenMAP training.