Baseline Mortality Incidence Rate

Dear BenMAP users,

In order to estimate health burden, such as mortality, one key inputs for BenMAP is the baseline mortality rate. There are a few preloaded mortality rate data in BenMAP, including Mortality2000, Mortality 2010 etc. In the BenMAP user manual appendix, it introduces how to develop the county-level mortality rate for year 2015 - 2050. However, it doesn’t provide the information about the Mortality rate for year 2000 - 2010.

So my question is do these data also download from CDC wonder website? If yes, can anyone provide detail instruction about how to prepare mortality rate (e.g., Mortality rate 2010)? For example, In the CDC wonder website, which age group, underlying cause of death, and multiple cause of death, etc… should be selected to get the mortality rate same as the BenMAP mortality rate 2010?

I would like to prepare mortality rate from 2009 - 2015, in order to make sure the mortality rates I prepare are consistent with BenMAP preloaded mortality rate, I need to know these information.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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Hello Xiangyu,

Did you find the solution for this question? I’m finding the guideline how to prepare baseline incidence rate, but still struggle with it.
I found the mortality number (all causes) for Thailand from GBD website. And now, I’m trying to make population-weighted incidence rate for each province. But the thing is I don’t understand how to use the GBD’s statistic number to convert to incidence rate.
If you have ideas on this issue. Please share to me.
Thanks a lot.

Ha Chi

Hi Ha Chi,

No, I also didn’t get any suggestion or reply for this question…

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Hello Xiangyu,

Thanks for your question, and my apologies for the delayed response.

–Yes, you can download county-level cause-specific and age-stratified death rates from the CDC’s WONDER website, which you can find here
–The user manual and appendices provide instructions for formatting these data into a baseline death rate input file. You can also export the existing baseline incidence rates in BenMAP-CE. Select tools–>database export–>“other file format”–>incidence/prevalence datasets. Once you have exported this file you can use it as a template for your new input file.

Best of luck with your analysis.

-Neal Fann