Baseline Incidence

(Sara Torbatian) #1

Dear Benmap Users,

I was wondering if it is necessary to define baseline incidence rate for all the considered columns and rows of the particular setup?

Thanks a lot in advance!

(Ali) #2

Hi Sara,

No need to define the baseline incidence for every single grid cell. Instead, you can use a single baseline incidence rate for your entire study domain and BenMAP-CE will apply that rate to all your air quality grid cells. So let’s say you have a 1km x 1km grid across a city but you only have 1 mortality rate you wish to apply. You can add a new grid definition of either (1) the city’s perimeter, or (2) the fused 1km x 1km grids. In either case, your new grid will just have a column/row index of 1/1. Hope this helps and let me know if you need any more clarification!

Best, Ali

(Sara Torbatian) #3

Hi Ali,

Thank you so much for your helpful response.
The grid definition for my setup starts at column 1 , row 51, till column 376, row 51. For such grid definition, is it necessary that my new grid for baseline incidence rate would have a column/row index of 51/1 (similar to my grid definition), or using column/row index of 1/1 would work?
Thanks again.

Best Regards,

(Sara Torbatian) #4

Hi Ali,

I am sorry for asking too many questions. I made the format of baseline incidence rate for a column/row index of 1/1. But I am not sure how to define this new grid in my setup which already have a grid definition for the entire country. I tried to estimate the health impact by using such incidence data, but I received zero values as the result. Any comments or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,