Baseline Incidence rate Ghana

Dear BenMap users,
I was in a challenge about how to calculate values in the particular incidence baseline data setup

Incidence on Morbi-Mortality for BenMAP

1.- On its data base and for each case of mortality or morbidity (ozone or particles) must divide between the population of the year that is being calculated.


20,000 cases of asthma mortality in Ghana of the year under study (2015), which should divide the population of the same year in study ā€¦

8 billion people in your city by 2015.

Incidence = 20,000 / 8,000,000 = 0.0025

2.- This should be done for each case and should be placed in the appropriate file which should also be compatible with your grid. View incident.csv file

I hope I was clear. Greetings.

Miguel Angel

Mexico City

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Hi Miguel,
Iā€™m grateful for your help