Announcing the June BenMAP-CE webinar

Hello BenMAP Users,

Mark your calendars for the next quarterly BenMAP-CE webinar, which will take place Monday, June 18 from 1:00-2:00 PM EST.

These webinars are an opportunity for users to learn more about BenMAP-CE, see how others are using it, and stay up-to-date on BenMAP-CE improvements. Each webinar includes a brief (~30 minute) talk from someone doing interesting work with BenMAP and relevant BenMAP announcements.

June 18 webinar agenda:
•A presentation from Sara Torbatian (Tehran Air Pollution Forecasting System) titled “Estimating the health burden associated with exposure to ambient PM2.5 levels, a case study in Tehran”

1. BenMAP version 1.4
2. Update regarding the BenMAP Discussion Forum,
3. Upcoming BenMAP training in RTP, NC

To join the meeting:

The BenMAP Team

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If you missed it, the captioned webinar is now available here.