Air quality delta is not being displayed, although the validation process is successful

Dear BenMAP users,

First, I would like to summarize my research. My research only uses 1-month air quality data (March, 2012) to perform in BenMAP in terms of PM2.5, which was derived from CMAQ model. It aims to estimate the health benefits and economic benefits after the reduction of PM2.5 concentration. Both baseline and control were implemented by CMAQ model.

Second, I’m having problems with displaying the air quality delta.
To be more specific, my air quality data is daily mean during 31 days of March 2012 only. Therefore, for the missing values in January, February, and April, May,…, December, I inserted “.,.,.,” in the input file. Please check the photo below.

The baseline and control files have the same format. When they were validated in BenMAP, it showed 0 error, 0 warning. However, only the Baseline file was displayed in GIS Map, while the Control file was not. Besides, the air quality delta also didn’t appear, with the notification “There is no result for delta”. It is notable that the stoplights of both files were still in orange color, although the files were uploaded and passed the validation.

Could BenMAP please give me any suggestion to fix this error?

Third, before, I input the air quality data that has only 1-month data. It didn’t pass the validation process. The warning was “Wrong number of days”. However, the stoplights were green and can generate air quality delta. Nonetheless, there is a notification when I input the HIF functions as being shown below.

Therefore, I fixed my input file to fill in missing values with “.,.,.,.” and facing the mentioned issue above.

My set up to define metrics are: Metric: D24HourMean, Annual Metric: QuarterlyMean, Seasonal Metric: 4 season with equal lengths.
Is my define metrics suitable for my research case?

Moreover, I have already set up another metric without annual metric and seasonal metric. The air quality delta still cannot be displayed.

Thanks for reading my issue.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
If you need any clarification of my set up, I would willing to provide.

Thank you so much,